Boat Shelter During The Cold Winter Months

Boat ShelterIf you live in a cold winter area that gets snow and freezing rain, keeping your boat sheltered from the harsh winter elements becomes a challenge. A boat, during the winter season, takes a real beating from the attacks of winter.

To protect your boat from the harshness of winter, there are several ways to protect your investment. If you have the room, or have space on your property, housing your boat in a closed building, like a garage, is probably the best protection. There are many that put up their boats in a paid storage facility. These two ways can be expensive and costly.

A lot of boaters keep their boats outside with a boat cover or tarp over it. This approach is okay, but your boat is still open to the elements, and your covers usually don’t last long. A regular boat cover will end up accumulating snow and water build up on the cover, which sometimes seeps through the cover and introduces moisture inside the boat, creating mildew build up.

Navigloo Boat ShelterA new product, manufactured and tested in Canada, provides an economical solution for keeping your boat dry and out of the winter elements. It’s called Navigloo. With it’s patented design and structure, it is like having your boat in an enclosed structure. It is easy to assemble and take down, and the parts store easily off season without taking up a lot of space. Check out their website here.