Choosing the Right Boat Prop

boat propellerThe purpose of a boat prop is to take the the torque of the engine and transfer it into moving your boat along the surface of the water. A prop does this through the dynamics of a fan, usually consisting of 3 or more blades.

Having the right prop for your boat makes the difference in the type of performance you are looking for. Props can increase the power and the speed of the boat. This is done by changing the pitch of your prop. Raising the pitch, increases the top-end speed. Lowering the pitch gives you more power getting out of the water faster.

More Power

boat propeller pitchAdding more power, or lowering the pitch of the prop, is ideal for water sports like skiing or wakeboarding. Adding more power would also be important if you have a heavier boat that needs the thrust to plane the boat and keep it planing.

More Speed

Adding speed , or increasing the pitch of the prop, would be important for boaters that need to get from point A to point B quickly. A lot of sports fishermen go for higher speed props to get them to their favorite fishing spot in the least amount of time. And of course the boaters that have the need for speed, go for high pitched speed props.

Prop Type

stainless stell and aluminum propsThere are basically two types of props, aluminum and stainless steel. For increased performance and durability, the stainless steel prop is the best. They last and can withstand the occasional clip from a rock or sandbar. They are more expensive, but hold the value longer. On the other hand, an aluminum prop is cheaper, and thus easier on the pocketbook when they are replaced.

A lot of boaters will carry several different props with different pitches and composition to use for different boating situations. Since it is not that difficult, and does not take that much time to change out, carrying two props will give you a couple of options when boating.

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