Learning How To Water Ski

Water Ski Dry LandBefore Getting In The Water

To learn how to water ski, you should first start on dry land. Using a set of water skis and a ski rope, have the person you are teaching, get into the skis, hold the rope, and pull on the rope to help them get a feel of the pull of the rope and the balance of the skis.

They should have their arms out straight, knees bent in a near seating position, and lean back, giving proper pull against the rope. If you are teaching a small child how to water ski, you could remove the skegs from the skis and pull them around with the ski rope on sand or grass, giving them the feel and balance of being pulled by the ski rope.



Beginning Water SkiingIn The Water

Once in the water, have your student put on the skis and do the following:

  1. Get into a seating position, with knees bent.
  2. Keep the tip of the skis up, just showing above the water line, and the skis in a 45% angle.
  3. Put the rope between the skis, gripping the rope and keeping arms out straight.
  4. Tell the student that you will drag them a little, to get the feel of the water pushing against the skis. Ask them to tighten their leg muscles and push the skis against the water.
  5. When pulling them up, tell them to again tighten their leg muscles, remain in a seating position.
  6. Once the boat starts to pull them up, they should slowly start to stand up. If the water is smooth, they should be able to straighten their legs completely.

Some people can get right up, while others may take several tries to get the feel of the skis, the resistance of the water and the pull of the ski rope. As the boat driver, be patient and give them lot’s of encouragement. For some beginners, getting out into a deep lake and getting up on water skis can be a scary thing.