Safety When Boat Tubing

water tubeBoat water tubing  can be extremely fun if you follow the proper boating safety tips.

Tubing behind a boat can be the equivalent of an exciting roller coaster ride. It comes with thrills and spills. But can also be risky if you and the boat driver don’t follow some important safety rules.

Discover Boating lists 10 important tips for having a safe experience when riding a tube behind a boat:



  1. Wear an approved life jacket – Also known as a personal flotation device (PFD), a PFD is just a common sense precaution.
  2. Knowledge of your Tube – It is important to know and understand the characteristics of the tube or towable that you’ll be using. Know its limitations and its features.
  3. Tube Rider – If you are driving the boat, know the abilities and fears of your tube rider. Don’t push the limits with their abilities and fears. Try to give them an exciting ride with the parameters of what would be enjoyable for them. You don’t want this to be a bad experience.
  4. Boat Spotter – Rely upon a mature and alert spotter in your boat, who can watch for any obstacles in the water, and be able to communicate with your tube rider.
  5. Know the Regulations – Be familiar with the regulations for the body of water you are boating on. Know the speed limits and other rules or policies and follow them.
  6. Be Responsible – Be alert and sober. Having a clear mind will help you to make split-minute decisions to maintain safety.
  7. Towing Rope – Use only a tow rope that is in good condition and secured to the boat. Use only the designated type ropes for towing a tube.
  8. Before Starting the Boat – Always make sure that everyone and everything is clear from the prop area, and that the people in the water are clear from any entanglements with the rope or other objects in the water.
  9. Wake Caution – Be careful when crossing wakes or other rough waters. Heading a wake or a wave at a high rate of speed can throw the boat in the wrong direction. Also take care to give your tube rider a safe ride, being cautious to not slam them hard into wakes. Strong jolts can cause back and other injuries.
  10. Multiple Tubes and Multiple People – When you have more than one tube or riders being towed at the same time, be cautious with your speeds and turns so that they do not slam into one another causing injury.

Have safe fun, keeping an eye out for other boats. Traveling at safe speeds will produce a fun and safe experience while tubing.