Should I Buy a New Boat?

Old BoatAs we work through the cold winter months, spring, although a ways off, will be here sooner than later. A lot of people buy new boats in the spring. They end up trading in their old boat toward a new one.

I’ve never quite understood that. Granted boats hold their value better than cars, but why get into another boat and typically pay more? For me, I’ve owned my boat for over 20 years. I’ve kept it in top condition, both the outward appearance and the mechanical parts, keeping it waxed and cleaned and stored in a closed garage.

I see it this way, a boat provides a couple of benefits: It floats, moves across the water, and provides pleasure in water sports or fishing. As long as those benefits are met, then I’m all for taking care of your existing boat and getting a long life out of it.

As with anything new, it is always enticing with the new bells and whistles that the newer models bring, along with the new smells. But call me old fashion, when I make a purchase, I usually keep that item a long time.

A couple of examples. I purchased the first ipad out on the market. I don’t know how many generations there have been since then. But my 5 year old ipad still does what I bought it to do and for me it is just as fast and clear as the newer models out on the market now. Only one draw back, Apple is not providing any operating system updates for my model, and don’t provide support for it either. But, it is an Apple, and is not suppose to break down, right?

I am still wearing shirts that are over 10 years old. They may not be in fashion, but I don’t care. They don’t have holes or wear marks, and they cover my upper torso. I have a Honda motorcycle with over 80,000 miles on it and it seems to run better than the day I bought it.

Well, bottom line, take care of your existing boat, and you’ll not have a need to buy a new boat, and you can keep the money you save and go for a ride on a bigger boat like the Princess Cruise Lines. Now, I’m all for that one.