Winterizing Your Boat

Fuel StabilzerIf you live in a climate where the temperatures drop below freezing during the winter months, or your boat is not used in the off season, it is time to start thinking about winterizing your boat for the upcoming winter months.




Here is a short, and to the point checklist for getting your boat ready for off-season storage:

  • Clean, Wash and Wax Your Boat – Storing a clean and waxed boat will keep contaminants or other elements from eating away at your boat all winter long.
  • Change your engine oil with fresh new oil – Old oil sitting in your crankcase over the winter months will just build up sledge and gum up your engine during spring start up.
  • Fuel Stabilzer – Flush your engine with fuel stabilizer, as well as adding a stabilizer to your fuel tank.
  • Fuel Tank – Top off your fuel tank to minimize the formation of moisture through condensation in the fuel tank.
  • Run Engine and Fogging – Run your engine for about 10 to 15 minutes, ensuring that the fuel stabilizer has worked it way into the fuel lines. Just before turning off the engine, thoroughly spray a fogger into the carburetor.
  • Anti-freeze – Remove the upper raw water hoses on the engine and pour in the pink RV anti-freeze. Make sure that you have pour a sufficient amount to thoroughly flush out the raw water and replace it with the anti-freeze.
  • Battery Removal – Remove your battery(s) and store them in a dry cool place. Attach a battery tender or trickle charger to maintain a proper charge during the off-season months.
  • Lubrication and Grease – Lubricate all moving parts with a light coat of oil. Grease all grease points.
  • Trailer Wheel Bearings – Re-grease your wheel bearings, making sure that there is no water present.
  • Trailer Tires – Check the air pressure in the tires.
  • Cover Your Boat – Put a cover over your boat to keep the winter elements from getting inside. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, you might consider garaging your boat or using a boat shelter system like Navigloo.